Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how we, The Good Gun, collect, use and manage your personal data, and applies to everyone unless explicit consent has been otherwise given. If you would like to know more about our policy, please get in touch with us at



At The Good Gun, we may collect your personal information. The points at which we may collect your data are:

-     When you sign up to our newsletter in the footer of our website, we collect your first name and email address

-     When you checkout on our website, we collect your full name, address, business (if provided) phone number and email address

-     Please note, our “subscribe to The Good Gun” checkbox at checkout is pre-ticked. If you would not like to subscribe to the The Good Gun and receive marketing and promotional emails from us, please untick this box, or see below for information on how to unsubscribe

-     We do not store your credit card or details, or any other payment details provided unless you have used the pre-ticked checkbox to ask us to “store credit card details for future orders”. This does not give The Good Gun or any of our staff access to your credit card details under any circumstances. Please note, this option is pre-ticked at checkout if you are logged in

-     If you request a restock notification for a specific product, we collect your email address and first name

-     Your IP address, so we can make sure we are showing you the most relevant content

-     Information on your browsing habits, i.e. which pages of our website you are visiting and how long you are spending there

-     We also store your cookies which allows us to remember your browsing preferences, understand how you’re using our website, and continue to market and promote our product to you once you have left the website

-     We use third party cookies to help us do a better job of understanding who our customers are, how they like to use our website, and to help us better serve relevant promotional content to them after they have left the website

-     If you choose to provide it, we may also collect your email in person

-     We may also collect data from you via our social media accounts. By submitting content, you agree that we may use this content and information subject to this privacy policy



-     We use your email address & first name to send you marketing and promotional emails. You can unsubscribe for these emails at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our emails. You can also email us at

-     We use your name, address, business (if provided), phone number, email address and items purchased at checkout to ship and keep a record of your order with us. We also use this information for reporting and auditing purposes

-     We use your email address and name on a product restock request to let you know when the item you have requested is back in stock

-     We use your IP address to understand where you are accessing our site from and to show you the most relevant content

-     We use your cookies to understand how you are using our site – for example what pages of our site you are visiting and how long you are spending on our site

-     We also use your cookies to remarket product and our brand to you once you leave our website. This includes being served our ads on social media and the web, and also being emailed abandon cart reminder emails to complete your checkout

-     We also use these cookies to understand more about our customer demographic and interests

-     We alse use third party cookies to help us with the above. Examples of third parties include but are not limited to Facebook, and Google Analytics. You can opt out here >



-     We store your information in our office in Sydney Australia and on our server

-     We do not and will not sell your data or information provided to us to a third party

-     We may share your information with our third party providers to help us serve you with relevant and engaging communication, and to understand how we can improve our website offering for you. Unless explicit consent is received from you, these third parties will never contact you or use your data independently.



If you no longer want to receive The Good Gun Marketing emails, you can unsubscribe by:

  1. Click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of a The Good Gun Marketing email
  2. You can email if you have any difficulty with the above

If you do not want your cookies to be collected and used, you can opt out here > Please be aware that our website may not remember your browsing preferences or provide the customer experience we designed.

This policy may be updated from time-to-time.