What does The Good Gun do?

The Good Gun is a percussive massage device that helps to improve muscle fatigue, soreness, and tension. It is great for warming up the muscles and helping circulation flow through the body.

What speed does The Good Gun do?

The Good Gun provides four speeds: 

  1. 1900 RPM
  2. 2100 RPM
  3. 2300 RPM
  4. 2500 RPM

What are the main details about the gun? 

Bonus carry case included
Lightweight - 1.01 kg
6 changeable massage heads
4 adjustable percussion speed settings
90 degree rotation on massage arm
Long battery life - up to 5 hours on Level 1
15-min massage duration for safety
Detachable and rechargeable lithium battery


How does the massage arm rotate?

By pushing in on the logo, you activate the massage arm to rotate up to 90 degrees. This is perfect to reach hard-to-reach spots and provide muscle relief to all areas of the body with ease.

What do the massage heads do?


For bulk muscle groups such as arms and thighs


For bulk muscle groups such as arms and thighs



For trigger points


For all points in the body


For neck, spine and achillies


For the joints, deep tissue massage and precise massage. 

Why does the battery go off every 15 minutes?

The Good Gun contains a 2000mAh lithium battery, that it can run on 5 hours of use in Level 1, on a 150 minute charge time. For safety, it is engineered to have a default of 15-minute automatic timings for safety. 

How long does the battery last?

5 hours continuously on Level 1.

How long do you need to charge it for? 

150 minutes.

How do you remove the battery?

At the end of your Good Gun, there is a lever to push in tight, and then slide out the battery. It is slightly tight in its removal to keep the customer safe. 

What are some technical components of The Good Gun?

Product weight: 1.01kg
Rated Power: 18W
Battery Length: Up to 5 hours on Level 1
Default Massage Duration: 15 minutes for safety
Power: Rechargeable Lithium Battery

What is your returns policy?

The Good Gun provides a 12-month product warranty for your Good Gun.

Simply follow these instructions: 

  1. Take a clear video of the defect
  2. Email info@thegoodgun.com.au explaining defect and video attached
  3. The Good Gun team will evaluate your Good Gun issue. Once approved, The Good Gun will inform you of the return address.
  4. The Good Gun will discuss with you next steps.

You have 12 months from the date ordered, to process a warranty application.

The Good Gun does not cover shipping costs for returning your Good Gun. Please note shipping costs is not refundable.